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‘Kim, Kanye, And I Run A Maggiano’s Together’: 5 Questions With Taylor Swift

One of the most successful recording artists of all time and the darling of every gossip rag on the planet, Taylor Swift needs no introduction. On the verge of releasing her sixth album, ‘Reputation,’ the pop star sat down with us to discuss her success, her high-profile feuds, and her future as an artist.

1. What first got you interested in music?

Ever since I was a kid, I always knew I wanted to be the face of Verizon Wireless’ mobile-music campaign. Becoming a professional musician always seemed like the most sensible way to make that dream a reality.


2. Who do you consider to be your greatest musical influence?

One of my earliest memories is listening to my grandmother, Bruce Springsteen, sing at church. That was really formative to me.

3. Are you still mad at Kim and Kanye?

No, not at all. In fact, we all went out to Maggiano’s a couple weeks ago, and we liked it so much that we bought the restaurant. Now the three of us run a Maggiano’s, and it could not be more fun.


4. At just 27, you’ve already won just about every award there is to win and broken every record an artist could hope to break. What keeps you motivated at this point?

For me, the awards and the accolades have never been important. What motivates me today is the same thing that motivated me when I was 16 years old: the desire to have a giant tour bus that I can run over animals with.


5. Is it true that you’re referencing Katy Perry in your new single, “Look What You Made Me Do”?

No. What I’m referencing is a horse that I hit with my tour bus once. And I’m surprised people don’t get that—if you listen to the lyrics, it’s pretty explicit.


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