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Parents do amazing, selfless things for their children every day, but Philip Brady, a father of two from Dallas, just took parenting to a whole new level of awesome: Just over a month ago, Philip divorced his wife Debra and married a far younger woman so his kids could have a mom closer to their age.

Yep, it looks like Philip just became the world’s greatest dad.

For 19 years, Philip was married to a woman named Debra, who was a staggering 33 years older than Philip’s children, Jackson and Heather. The age difference between Philip’s children and their mother was enormous. But then Philip met Katie, a far younger woman than Debra, and in an inspiring act of fatherly love, Philip immediately divorced Debra and married Katie instead! Now his kids have a mom who uses Snapchat and grew up watching Nicktoons on TV, just like them!


Even after a few short weeks, Philip’s decision to marry a woman who’s only a few years older than his children has already made an incredible difference in their lives. Since Katie was a teenager herself only a couple of years ago, she shares nearly all of Jackson and Heather’s interests and understands all of their pop culture references! The days of Philip’s kids having to tediously explain who Harry Styles is to their middle-aged mom are over! Now they have a new, far more youthful mom, and when they talk about the latest Taylor Swift song or the first season of Riverdale, she understands exactly what they’re talking about! And when Philip’s daughter needs advice about dating boys in her high school or the stresses of applying for college, she can now confide in her new mom, because Philip was generous enough to marry a woman who just graduated from high school three years ago and can completely relate to what his daughter is going through! It’s just one of the perks you get when your dad marries a woman who’s pretty much the same age as you!

Way to go, Philip! Your decision to marry a woman who’s roughly the same age as your kids is a beautiful and inspiring gift for your children. We couldn’t be more jealous of Jackson and Heather for having the best dad in the world!

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