Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Illustration for article titled Tech Whiz: Meet The Incredible Child Prodigy Who Surgically Inserted A Car Horn Into His Neck That He Can Honk To Scare Bugs Away From His Food

Most 12-year-olds are content playing video games and watching TV. But Arthur Howe is not most 12-year-olds. This tech whiz prodigy has been inventing things since he was six, and no invention is more incredible than his most recent one: a car horn surgically inserted into his neck that he can honk to scare bugs away from his food.


A few months ago, Arthur identified a problem: Insects would sometimes get on or near his food. He immediately put his inventor brain to work and came up with the idea to install a car horn next to his larynx. Now, whenever Arthur sees a bug crawl onto his plate of food, he pushes on his throat, which emits a loud series of car horn honks, and just like that, the bug gets frightened and scuttles away.


Wow! Once Google catches wind of this, there’s no doubt that the internship offers will start flowing in for Arthur!

Even more amazing is how selfless Arthur is being with his new invention. Whether it’s a fly that gets into the lunchroom or a colony of ants near a bag of pretzels on the playground, Arthur happily uses his throat-installed car horn to scare bugs away from his classmates’ food as well as his own. He not only has a big brain—he’s got a big heart, too!

Who knows what awesome thing Arthur will invent next? All we’re sure of is that Thomas Edison better watch out, because this kid is well on his way to becoming America’s greatest inventor.

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