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What Your Middle School Boyfriend Would Look Like Today

What would your middle school boyfriend look like today?

This was the question that graphic artist Melissa Quinn asked herself when she recently stumbled upon a photo of the boy whose hand you held all through eighth grade, but never officially said you liked. Now, almost 12 years to the day that you broke up with him over AIM, Quinn has completed a project where she brought his image into the present. And we believe that she’s created something remarkable.


Take a look at the side-by-side comparison of the boy you haven’t seen since you went to a different high school and his realistically aged, lifelike depiction:

He may have felt clingy then, but wow: What a difference time makes.

The resemblance is startling, yet we never would have been able to imagine it ourselves. Those braces, acne, and the tiniest traces of peach fuzz that you broke up with? According to Quinn’s rendering, they are absolutely nowhere to be found.


Sure, this portrait doesn’t necessarily capture the full scope of his potential looks, but it’s impossible not to wonder: What if you had agreed to hang out that one time you ran into each other in high school? Couldn’t you have looked past the fact that you were two inches taller than him at the time? Would he even be open to dating someone who looks like you now?

Needless to say, you’ll never look at your yearbook the same way again. Truly incredible!


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